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By being a small company, we are able to remain lean and agile…just like the startups we work with.

We act as an extension of your company. You speak directly with the people that will be designing and developing your product. Unlike other large firms we don’t outsource, and we don’t take on every project that comes our way. We are more concerned with the product we are building than having an expensive office in a fancy highrise.


Joshua Riddle
Co-founder / Chief Executive Officer

Joshua has been hacking away since he first laid hands on an Mac Classic II as a child. His interest in web and mobile development followed as technology progressed. His professional career as a software engineer includes e-commerce, content and inventory management systems, real estate applications, and line-of-business applications for other horizontal and vertical markets. He is a contributor to open-source applications and a passionate entrepreneur.


Aaron Riddle
Co-founder / Executive Director

Aaron has many years of experience in the fields of design and photography resulting in dozens of awards and accolades. Since 2000, Aaron has worked with clients and marketing firms all across the country to create a variety of material ranging from logo designs and websites to branding concepts, UI concepts and visual identities.